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What Does Karaoke Stand For?

The term “karaoke” means “empty orchestra” in Japanese. It’s a combination of two words — the first half of “karappo,” meaning “empty,” and the first part of the Japanese word for orchestra, “okesutora.” A backing track with no vocals is typical for karaoke — where you provide the singing — but some types of karaoke do have vocals on the track to help guide participants.

How Can I Get Involved?

Simply contact us with your ideas or event details and we we get in touch. You can also post on social media using the hashtag “internationalkaraokeday” and tag @vocalstarkaraoke. We would love to see how you are spending the day!

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When is International Karaoke Day?

International Karaoke Day, is on the 19th of July, every year. Do not miss out on the fun, be sure to get involved!